Alexandra Bowers

Wood Burning/Watercolor Prototypes for Installation
Small: 3 in. diameter
Small/Medium: 5 in. diameter
Medium: 6 in. diameter
Large: 7 in. diameter

Hi! Will you send me a photo of a feather?

Thank you for your interest in hearing about my community installation art piece. I'm asking for your help in creating an installation of found feathers that will debut at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum February, 12th 2021. If you are interested in participating, I'm asking for participants to send me photos of a feather (or feathers) they have found to me. I will then use these as reference material to re-create the feather with my wood burning and watercolor skills. The intention of the exhibition is to create an atmosphere that promotes healing and tranquility. The world we currently live in is undergoing mass amounts of change and transition. On a global scale the world is evolving with these changes. On a micro scale we are each individually feeling these growing pains differently. My hope for this installation is that you give yourself time to take contemplative or meditative walks to process what you might be experiencing emotionally at this time. And maybe you stumble upon a feather that you would be interested in submitting for this art piece. Over the years I've created artworks revolving around the theme of birds and feathers, and I've found most people have some type of connection with these sacred animals. Whether it be spiritual, or some type of memory, conversation often ensues as to why people are drawn to feathers when they are among artworks that revolve around birds. This is why I'm interested in knowing a little bit about the feather you choose to submit. Like where did you find it? Or does it have a unique or personal story to you, and why? I will be sure to keep the identity of these stories secret to ensure as much privacy as possible. I look forward to working with you on this installation!

Please note, you do not have to add a story with your feather, that is completely optional in this submission process. Please leave the feather behind that you take a photo of due to the "Migratory Bird Treaty Act!"

If E-Mailing a photo/story:

If Direct Messaging a photo/story on Instagram: